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Welcome to the Development Page for Unincorporated Communities
Within the First District.

Listed below by community or MAC jurisdiction, you will find information (locations/documents/maps/websites) on significant proposed and recently approved development projects within unincorporated areas of the First District. Only proposed projects with actual submitted applications are included in this list. Newest applications are generally listed at the top of each list.

Note that items listed as "Applications" have NOT been endorsed by Supervisor Jeffries, and he is legally not allowed to take a position on a specific project in advance of their hearing before the Board of Supervisors. Some of the listed projects were approved or had specific plans in place prior to Supervisor Jeffries taking office in 2013. 

Our office will update this page as information is provided to us by our Planning Department via applicant submissions and as hearings are scheduled.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or comments about proposed developments within your community.

Lake Elsinor Advanced Pumping Systems LogoLake Elsinore Advanced Pumping System (LEAPS) 

FERC ApplicationTLMA LEAPS Comment Letter The Lake Elsinore Advanced Pumping System (LEAPS) being proposed by the Nevada Hydro Company includes two primary components: 1) The advanced pumping station, for which a dam would be built in the mountains above Lake Elsinore. At night, when energy costs are low, up to 10% of the volume of the lake would be pumped up the hill and into the reservoir, and during the day, when energy prices are high, the water would be released through a hydro-electric facility, generating power on its way back into the lake. That power would then be sold on the open market. 2) 32 miles of 500 kV transmission lines and 170 high-voltage steel towers, running from San Diego County across the Cleveland National Forest, into Temescal Valley, and through the RCA’s Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Areas.  Supervisor Jeffries and the Riverside County Board of Supervisors have officially sent a letter of opposition to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), who is solely responsible for ultimate approval or denial of the project, but they have decided to allow the project to move forward through the application process.  FERC has responded to the initial comments and required a series of additional studies to be done by Nevada Hydro. Nevada Hydro's project website is here:

More information about the project and reasons for opposition are on the We Are TV webpage here:


De Luz/La Cresta/Tenaja Areas

Application:  PAR 200024, Nardi Associates, LLP, applicant.  Proposed conversion of an existing 4,442 sq ft residence with 7 bedrooms and 4.75 bathrooms to an 18 bed congregate care facility.  Located on 5.37 acres north of Camino de las Brisas, east of Corona Cala Camino, south of Calle Roble, west of Avocado Mesa Rd.  Case Information

Application:  CZ 1900042, DA 1900046, CUP 190055 Tierra Groves, c/o Jacob Woolsey, applicant.  Proposed Change of Zone from R-R to Light Agriculture (A-1-10) as part of proposed commercial cannabis cultivation facility with nine existing greenhouses and three 8 X 40 shipping containers.  Site also has five existing water tanks, an existing single story residential dwelling and an existing barn which would be reomoved.  Also proposes security fence and get, along with waste storage, restrooms, and nine employee parking spaces.  11.58 acres north of De Luz Rd, south of Los Gatos Rd, and west of Buena Loma Rd.  Case Information

Application:  CUP 190038, DA 1900027  Fuego Farms LLC, applicant.  Proposal would construct a cannabis cultivation facility with one 4,800 sq ft bldg, twelve 1,800 sq ft mature canopy greenhouses, and six 3,240 sq ft vegetation greenhouses on 72.15 acres north of Carancho Rd, east of El Calamar Rd, and west of Deluz Rd.  Case Information

Application: Walker Basin/Cross Creek Golf Course: The GPIP (now GPA 1167) was approved by the BOS on 1-31-17 and allows the applicant to pursue a specific plan for approximately 100 estate residential lots and a small commercial area adjacent to the existing Cross Creek Golf Course. The first map: TTM 35617 was approved on 7/25/17 by the BOS. The second map: TTM 36549 is working through the environmental process. A third map will be submitted at some point and the Draft Specific Plan Document has not yet been released. Very complicated project but would replace the original Walker Hills project approved in 1984 for more than 1,600 units.
 Case Information



Good Hope & Meadowbrook (MAC)

Application: PAR 200058, Hamid Haque, applicant.  Propsoes 85.5 acre cemetery with on site mortuary, chapel, fraternity hall, caretaker residence and parking lot, north of Mauricio St, south of River Rd, east of Rober St, and west of the San Jacinto River.  Case Information

Application:  PAR 200038, Lula Elharar, applicant.  Proposes outdoor storage of used, operable and inoperable automobiles, tucks, and other vehicles for wholesale online auctions.  A prefabricated building consisting of accessory office, shipping and receiving area, and perimeter fencing will be installed, along with a customer parking lot.  On 126 acres located on site of Colinas Del Oro Specific Plan, east of Hwy 74, south of Ethanac Rd, north of Kimes Way. Case Information

Application: CUP 200018 TPM 37850,  Salmanco, LP, applicant.  Proposes seven building totaling 31,822 sq ft on 16.43 gross acres north of Hwy 74, south of 7th St, north of Ellis Ave, southeasterly of Clayton St.  Two buildings are for restaurants with drive-thrus, two retail buildings, one convenience store, and one drive-thru car wash.  Two fuel canopies proposed.  CUP would allow sales of beer and wine as a part of the convenience store/gas station.  Case Information 

Application: PAR 19003 Pacific Hydrotech Headquarters, including 19,800 sq ft, two story office building, 13,000 sq ft warehouse bldg, and 3,840 sq ft storage bldg, plus 97 parking stalls on 3.29 acres north of Hwy 74 west of Hammack Ave and east of Crumpton St. 
 Case Information

Application: PAR 180057  Motorcycle Track proposal includes various tracks, buildings, and parking lots on 90.56 acres north of Ethanac Rd, west of Hwy 74, and south of Olive Ave 
 Case Information

Application:  PAR# 180052 Drive-Thru Car Wash with 16 stalls for self-service vacuuming, plus drive-thru/walk-up coffee shop restaurant on 1 acre lot east of Hwy 74, north of Richard St, west of Robert St.  Includes GPA from CD: VLDR to CD:CR and zone change from R-R to C-P-S. 
 Case Information (including site plan)



Lake Mathews & La Sierra Areas

Map of Approved Residential Tracts: There are a number of residential tracts that have been approved in the Lake Mathews and La Sierra Areas, the overwhelming majority of which were voted for prior to Supervisor Jeffries' taking office in 2013. We asked TLMA to put together a map showing all of the current tract maps in this area as of Spring 2018, with built out tracts marked in green, partially built tracts in yellow, and mostly unbuilt tracts in red. Each tract is listed with the tract or specific plan number, the year it was approved, and the number of units constructed out of the total number of units approved.
 You can view the map at this link here.

Application:  PAR 190074 Sam Chebeir, applicant.  A single-story 4,900 sq ft agricultural bldg, produce stand and planting of agricultural groves on 35,76 total acres north of Cajalco Rd, south of Tin Mine Rd, east of Temescal Canyon Rd, and west of La Sierra Ave.  Case Information

Application:  TTM 37686, GPA 190018, CZ 1900049 New Tech, Inc., applicant.  10 single family residential lots with a minimum lot size of 7,284 sq ft and a maximum lot size of 10,404 sq ft on 2.26 acres north of Victoria Ave, east of Lyon Ave, south of Middleborough Rd, and west of Wildcat Lane.  GPA would change use from Low Density Residential to Medium Density Residential.  Case Information

Application: PAR 190015 Subdivision of 19.75 acres into 36 half acre lots north of Camino Martinez, south of Cajalco Rd, east of Gustin Rd, and west of Extravaganza Lane. Current zoning is R-A-1
 Case Information

Application: PAR01555 Lake Mathews/Woodcrest Area Plan - 27 one acre minimum residential lots on 36 acres north of Cajalco Rd and east of La Sierra Ave. Applicant: Sam Chebeir -
 Case Information: PAR Application & Exhibit A

Approved in 2009: Lake Mathews Square--Gas Station, Restaurant, and market northwest corner of Cajalco and Gustin:
 Lake Mathews Square Plot Plan


Lakeland Village (CAC)

PASSED BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, JUNE 30 2020: LAKELAND VILLAGE COMMUNITY PLAN: GPA No. 1208 consists of General Plan Land Use Designation and policy updates, generally within the Lakeland Village Policy Area (LVPA), including General Plan Foundation Component changes. This amendment proposes to revise the existing LVPA section of the Elsinore Area Plan to update descriptions, revised existing policy, add new policy, and create Neighborhood planning areas with specific policy that, together with proposed land use changes, can provide direction for the orderly development of the Lakeland Village community, which may include appropriate land use, infrastructure, services, design and character. DETAILS ON PROPOSAL

Application:  CUP 200027 and DA 2000012, Inland Empire Consulting Company, applicant.  "Empire Gardens", Proposes a Cannabis Micro Business Facility with indoor cultivation, distribution, and retail sales within an existing shopping center north of Grand Ave, west of Corydon Rd, south of Union St, and east of Gill Lane.  Indoor cultivation area consists of 5,408 sq ft, distribution area is 520 sq ft, and retai sales area is 2,325 sq ft.  Would also include reception area, security room, offices, vaults, storage, quarantined product room, a breakroom, and restrooms.  Case Information

Application: PAR 200023, Kim Caldwell, Applicant.  Proposes an outside pallet storage yard with three existing buildings on site, and 11 pallet storage areas located on site.  Also proposes a recycling center with an existing building on site.  Includes 22 parking spaces for customers and employees.  Project is located on 5.2 acres north of Vail St, south of Turner St, east of Brightman Ave, and west of Grand Ave.  Case Information

Application (possibly inactive):  PAR 190062, Robert Liu, Applicant.  Proposed new apartment complex consisting of four buildings, 2-3 stories tall, with enclosed garage at ground level, totalling 68 units. Located on 5 acre parcel north of Grand Ave, east of Magdaleno Ct, south of Golondrina St, and west of Machado St. Would require zone change from R-1 to R-3.  Case Information

Application:  CUP 190036, DA 1900024 Raquel Origel, Applicant. "Nibble This"  Proposed retail cannabis business in a renovated storefront in an existing building on 1.34 acres north of Akley St, east of Evergreen Street, south of Grand Ave, and west of Adelfa Street. Case Information  Presentation Given at Community Mtg August 26th 2020

APPROVED BY BOS 1-12-21:  CUP 190013, DA 1900008  Michael Lee, Applicant.  Proposed retail cannabis business in existing building (PK's Roadhouse) with existing parking on the south side of Grand Ave, west of Hwy 74, and east of Riverside Drive.   Case Information

CONTINUED OFF CALENDAR BY PLANNING COMMISSION ON JUNE 3RD:  CUP 190017 DA 1900010 Lakewise Solutions, LLC 1,800 sq ft storefront for retail cannabis business on .29 acres north of Kniffen Ave, east of Deeble Entrance, south of Grand Ave, and west of Maiden Lane.   Case Information

Application:  PP 190023--Business Commerce Center by University Housing Partners.  Center proposes one 11,137 sq ft industrial office building with 1,000 sq ft caretaker's unit, a shared building with 3,072 sq ft industrial office space and 4,393 sq ft self-storage facility, a 4,714 sq ft self-storage building, and a 5,315 sq ft self storage building, as well as covered and uncovered RV storage facility on a total of 4.14 acres north of Hwy 74, east of Crater Dr, and west of Trellis Lane, with access from Crater Drive.   Case Information 

Passed Board of Supervisors 5-0 on 9-22-20  Application: PAR 190006--Dollar General Store. 9,100 sq ft retail store with parking on 1.27 acres on the southwest corner of Grand Ave and Blanche Drive.  Case Information

Application: Conditional Use Permit No. 3776 - 72 unit mobile home community with attached garages and other amenities on 10 acres north of Grand and west of Corydon. Applicant: Rowland Development - Case Information

PASSED PLANNING COMMISSION HEARING MAY 6th, TR37531/CZ180015 "Home Sweet Home", 48 multi-family housing units on 7 acres, north side of Grand Ave, between Blackwell and Lilian.   Case Information


Mead Valley (MAC)

Map of Approved Residential Tracts:  There are a number of residential tracts that have been approved in the Lake Mathews and Mead Valley areas, the overwhelming majority of which were voted for prior to Supervisor Jeffries' taking office in 2013.  We asked TLMA to put together a map showing all of the current tract maps in this area as of Spring 2018, with built out tracts marked in green, partially built tracts in yellow, and mostly unbuilt tracts in red.  Each tract is listed with the tract or specific plan number, the year it was approved, and the number of units constructed out of the total number of units approved.
 You can view the map at this link here.

Application:  PAR 200061 Benjamin Horning, Dedeaux Properties, LLC, applicant.  Proposes 95,250 sq ft light industrial bldg with up to 5,000 sq ft of office area, 27 loading docks, 82 parking stalls, and 126 trailer spaces on 9.47 acres north of Perry St, south of Markham St., east of Beck St, and west of Seaton Ave.  Case Information

Application:  PAR 200054 Bob Kubichek, applicant.  Proposes a tractor trailer storage and maintenance facility, including 193 trailer stalls, 30 vehicle parking spaces, and a 15,000 sq ft light truck maintenance bldg (including 2,000 sq ft of office space) on 7.75 acres north of Orange Ave, south of Water Ave, east of Tobacco Rd, and west of Harvill Ave.  Case Information   

BOS Hearing February 9th, 2021:  CUP 200031, Cannabis 21+, applicant.  Proposed commercial cannabis facility, including sales and distribution.  Would occupy 4,646 sq ft of Bldg D of an approved retail center (PP 25699).  Project will include 1 ADA and 23 other parking spaces, north of Cajalco Expressway, south of Messenia Lane, east of Harvill Ave, and west of I-215. Case Information

Application:  PAR 200044, Patricia Lamas, applicant.  Proposes an indoor cannabis cultivation facility to be located within an existing 2,664 sq ft building on 2.18 acres, north of Arruda Ct, east of Alexander St, south of Martin St, and west of Mead St. Case Information

Application: CUP 200017, Pravin Shukla, applicant.  Proposes a new plaza consisting of a 2 story mixed use commercial building with a liquor, kitchen, and gerneral retail use on the ground floor and three office suites on the second floor, plus associated parking.  Located on .73 acres north of Cajalco Rd, east of Mead St., south of Wells St, and west of Brown St.  Case Information

Application:  PAR 200006, Fayres Hall, applicant.  Proposes construction of a shopping center which would include a 9,286 sq ft commercial building, 1,487 sq ft car wash, 4,011 sq ft convenience store, 932 sq ft canopy for diesel fuel, 5,162 sq ft canopy for gas pumps, and two drive-thru restaurants (1,643 sq ft and 3,73 sq ft) on 3.2 acres north of Elmwood St, south of Cajalco Rd, east of Clark St, and west of Carroll St.  Case Information

Passed BOS Hearing 5-0  July 14th:  TPM 37537 and CUP 3775, Cajalco Square, applicants.  Proposes a commercial retail center including 3,200 sq ft drive through restaurant, 19,097 sq ft retail store, 4,395 sq ft gas station with 8 pump stations, 3,800 sq ft convenience store, 2,080 sq ft drive through car wash, and 8,586 sq ft multi-tenant retail building.  Convenience store would include beer and wine sales.  249 parking spaces.  9.79 acre property north of Cajalco Rd, east of Wood Rd, and south of Carpinus Rd.  Complete Case Information 

Passed BOS Hearing September 28th---Application:  CZ 2000006, PP 200002, Placentia Logistics LLC, applicant.  Zone change on forur parcels from A-1-1 and R-R01 to M-SC.  Proposes a 259,127 sq ft speculative warehouse/manufacturing facility with 14,000 sq ft of office space, 33 truck bays, 179 vehicle parking stalls, and 25 trailer parking stalls.  11.8 acre site is north of Placentia Ave, west ofHarvill Ave, south of Rider St, and east of Patterson Ave.  Case Information  Agenda Packet

Application:  PAR 200002 Conor Commercial Real Estate, applicant.  438,000 sq ft industrial building on 20.75 acres east of Tobacco Rd, west of Harvill Ave, south of Water St, and north of Orange Ave.  Case Information

Application: PAR 190066 Temple Campus, Birkin Construction, LLC. Nine buildings on 30 acres, including 5,200 sq ft grand prayer hall, 13,150 sq ft Sunday School bldg with administrative offices, a 2,200 sq ft lecture hall, a 5,300 sq ft dining/kitchen/laundry building, a 1,780 sq ft library bldg, 2,820 sq ft ensuite bldg, 4,600 sq ft large meeting room bldg, 4,600 sq ft exhibition bldg, and a 9,100 sq ft large auditorium bldg with restrooms.  Campus proposal also includes a single family residential subdivision with 20,000 sq ft lot minimum, and 264 parking spaces.  Located north of Markham St, south of Landin Lane, east of Cole Ave, and west of Barton St.  Case Information

Application:  PP 190039  Duke Realty, applicant.  Plot Plan for 310,995 sq ft warehouse/distribution facility on 15 acres on the northest corner of Harvill Ave and Rider St.  Case Information

Application:  PAR 190075  Phelan Development Company, LLC, applicant.  Proposal for 162,200 sq ft industrial bldg including warehouse and office space, with 110 off street parking spaces and landscaping on 8 acres east of Seaton Ave, west of Patterson Ave, south of Cajalco Expressway, and north of Rider St.  Case Information

Application:  PAR 190068 Newcastle Partners, Inc, applicant.  Proposal for two industrial buildings of 182,255 sq ft and 227, 538 sq ft, with each bldg containing 10,000 sq ft of office space, and 9 acres of open space as a buffer from the residential tract to the west of the site, on a 34 acre parcel west of Patterson Ave, south of Rider St, north of Walnut St, and east of Swallow Hill Circle.  Case Information 

Application:  PP 190032 DP Harvill, LLC, applicant. Proposal for 53,275 sq ft truck terminal with parking for 161 truck trailers, 44 standard parking spaces, and three water quality management basins, on 11.15 acres north of Rider Street, south of Cajalco Road, east of Patterson Avenue, and west of Harvill Avenue.  Case Information 

Application:  PAR 190037  Benjamin Horning, Applicant.  55,700 sq ft warehouse with 96 dock doors and 171 trailer parking spaces on 11,43 acres north of Rider St, south of Morgan St, east of Harvill Ave, and west of Patterson Ave.
 Case Information

Application:  PAR 190036  SKC Company.  45,000 sq ft warehouse on 4.29 acres north of Martin St, east of Seaton Ave, west of Harvill Ave, south of Perry St.
 Case Information

Application:   PAR 190033  Core 5 Industrial Partners. 202,890 sq ft industrial building with office space, 163 parking spaces, and landscaping on 11 acres east of Harvill Ave, west of Frontage Rd, south of Orange Ave, and north of Daytona Cove. Also includes direct access from three interior drive aisles into neighboring industrial complex.
 Case Information

Application:  PAR 190031 Duke Realty.  316,500 industrial building on 15 acres at the northeast corner of Harvill Ave and Rider St.
 Case Information

Application::  Plot Plan 26165  Convenience store with Hay and Feed Sales with 16 parking spaces on 1.11 acre lot south of Cajalco Rd, east of Clark St, west of Carroll St, and north of Elmwood St.
 Case Information

Passed Planning Commission Hearing December 16th, BOS Hearing Soon:  Plot Plan 190011 Sares Regis Group Perris, Two industrial buildings on two parcels, a 363,000 sq ft warehouse with 247 parking spaces plus 60 truck parking stalls on 18.5 acres, and a 347,000 sq ft warehouse with 224 parking spaces and 51 truck parking stalls on 17 acres.  Two other parcels, totalling 58 acres, will remain vacant.  Located north of Oleander Ave, south of Nandina Ave, east of Day St, and west of Decker Rd.
  Case Information

Passed Director's Hearing December 14th:  Plot Plan 190002 Star Milling, Application to construct a 90,840 sq ft feed storage and production bldg in three phases with 51 parking spaces on 6.74 acres north of Orange Ave, south of Water Ave, east of Harvill Ave, and west of I-215.  Case Information

Application:  PAR  180056 Shade Awad application to expand existing CUP at Midway Jr Market for 12,000 additional sq ft of commercial retail use on .7 acres, north of Markham St, south of Bonham St, east of Clark St, and west of Carroll St.
 Case Information

Passed Planning Commission Hearing November 18th, BOS Hearing Coming Soon:  Plot Plan 180029 Majestic Freeway Business Center Specific Plan, Bldg 19, 347,000 sq ft industrial bldg on 22 acres south of Old Oleander Ave, east of Decker Rd, west of Harvill Ave, and north of Markham St.
 Case Info
 Specific Plan Information (SP was approved by the BOS in 2008)
 Business Center Website

Application: Plot Plan 180032  Majestic Freeway Business Center Specific Plan, Bldg 20, 406,000 sq ft industrial bldg on 18 acres south of Old Oleander Ave, east of Decker Rd, west of Harvill Ave, and north of Markham St.
 Case Info
 Specific Plan Information  (SP was approved by the BOS in 2008)
 Business Center Website

Passed by Director's Hearing November 16th:  Plot Plan 180033  Majestic Freeway Business Center Specific Plan, Bldgs 21 and 22, 115,016 sq ft (Bldg 21) and 115,276 sq ft (Bldg 22) industrial bldgs on 15 acres north of Old Oleander Ave, east of Decker Rd, west of Harvill Ave, and south of Harley Knox Blvd.
 Case Info
 Specific Plan Information (SP was approved by the BOS in 2008)
 Business Center Website 

Application:  PAR 180030  Rider Seaton Partners, LLC, GPA, Zone Change, and Surface Mining Application for mining and processing activities and export of aggregate resources on 367 acres of a 577 acre property, nort of Withers Rd, south of Cajalco St, east of Day St, and west of Patterson Ave, some of which is on land previously used for mining through 2002.  Includes aggregate processing facility, ready mix concrete batch plant, hot mix asphalt batch plant, a construction and demolition recycling center, and all support structures and buildings on 96 acres of the site.
 Case Information

Application:  PAR 180050  SDH and Associates  673,790 sq ft warehouse facility with 102 docks, 380 automobile parking spaces, and 124 trailer parking spaces on 30 acres north of Placentia Ave, south of Rider St, east of Harvill Ave, and west of Patterson Ave.
 Case Information

Application:  PAR 180041  "LDC Industrial, LLC"  208,300 sq ft industrial building with 5,000 sq ft of office space, south of Perry St, east of Seaton Ave., west of Harvill Ave., north of Martin St.
 Case Information

Application:  PAR170001 Mead Valley Area Plan - Three 80,000 sq ft industrial buildings on 16.8 acres at Harvill and Orange. Applicant: Almex USA
 Case Information

Application:  CUP 180008 Mead Valley Area Plan - Gas Station/Shopping Center proposal south of Cajalco, west of Clark Street - Applicant: Sameh Ibrahim
 Case Information

Under Construction:  Majestic Freeway Business Center Specific Plan--Various buildings north of Cajalco at Harvill.  Details on this project and the much larger Specific Plan approved by the Board of Supervisors in 2008 are available here.
 The Business Center Website is here.



Temescal Valley (MAC)

Map of Approved Residential Tracts There are a number of residential tracts that have been approved in the Temescal Valley, many of which were voted for prior to Supervisor Jeffries' taking office in 2013.  We asked TLMA to put together a map showing all of the current tract maps in this area as of Spring 2018, with built out tracts marked in green, partially built tracts in yellow, and mostly unbuilt tracts in red.  Each tract is listed with the tract or specific plan number, the year it was approved, and the number of units constructed out of the total number of units approved.
 You can view the map at this link here.

Application: SP 333 Amendment 1, GPA 200004, CZ 2000016, Richland Ventures, Inc. Proposes to amend existing Specific Plan by redesignating land use from medium density residential to light industrial, business park, and open space. Total proposed building area is 2,509,057 sq ft, and would be called hte "Renaissance Ranch Commerce Center"  Submittal Info  Proposal Summary and Maps

Application:  GPA 200007 CZ 200028 CUP 200044 Dawson Canyon, LLC, Applicant.  Proposal to develop a "last mile delivery station" consisting of a 183,456 sq ft building with 90 parking spaces for utility tractor rigs and vans, 15 truck trailer loading dock spaces, 13 truck trailer parking spaces, 921 spaces for van parking and maintenance, 216 spaces for employees, 65 parking spaces for manager/guests/customer pick up, and an additional 90 spaces for vans.  24/7 operations supporting delivery of packages to customer locations from 10am to 9pm.  Long haul trucks will deliver packages to facility between 10pm and 8am. Facility located on 46 acres on southeast corner of Temescal Canyon Rd and Dawson Canyon Rd intersection, east of Interstate 15.  Much more information on project here:  Case Information

Application Withdrawn:  CUP 200033, PCH Campus LLC, applicants.  Proposes a cannabis manufacturing and distribution facility in an existing 61,887 sq ft, 2 story industrial bldg, occupying approximately 40,000 sq ft of the building and utilizing 76 parking spaces, in the Wildrose Specific Plan, east of Stellar Ct and west of Temescal Canyon Rd.  Case Information

Passed BOS Hearing August 4th:  CZ 1800010 TTM 37155 Wayne and Nancy Kiley, applicants.  Subdivision of 53.7 acres into 85 single family lots and 6 open space lots for detention basins, 3.55 acre park area, and 1347 sq ft passive park southerly of Kingbird Dr, easterrly of Towhee Lane and west of Indian Truck Trail.  Zone change would go from R-R to R-4.  Case Information

Application:  PAR 200026 Bryan Vansell, applicant.  Proposal would divide 28.8 acres into four lots, 1) A single family residential site, 2) Community Care facility, 3) Commercial office for medical services, 4) Commercial retail on Temescal Canyon Rd.  Project is located north and east of Lawson Rd, and west of Temescal Canyon Rd.  Case Information

Application:  CUP 200011 Benjamin Day, Applicant.  241,244 sq ft residential care facility for the elderly, consisting of a 26,726 sq ft single story building for memory care and supporting services, and a 214,518 sq ft to story building designated for independent living and assisted living with supporting services.  10 acre site is located west of Temescal Canyon Rd, south of Trilogy Parkway, north of Glen Ivy Rd, and east of Warm Springs Dr.  Case Information

Application:  PP 26290 Revision 1:  Applicant Thomas Chavez.  "Speedway Development" project.  Would modify the Phase 1a portion of previously approved plot plan to include 6 buildings totalling 32, 986 sq ft instead of 3 buildings totaling 40,739 sq ft..  New buildings would be two fast food restaurants (bldgs 4 and 5), restaurant (bldg 6), office/retail (bldg 7), day care center (bldg 8), and a tire store (bldg 9).  Located on 26.6 gross acres northwest of Indian Truck Trail, southwest of Temescal Canyon Rd, and northeast of I-15.  Case Information

Application:  PAR 200007 (TR 31818)  Mission Pacific Land Company, Inc.  Proposed modifications to previously approved Tract Map for "JBJ Ranch", including alternative secondary access point through Bosley Lane to Crilly Road to Glen Eden Road.  Also reviews park plan incorporating the site's natural features and increasing use of trails.  No increase or decrease in total residential lots (322).  Case Information

Application:  PAR 200004  KWC Engineers, applicant.  Proposal for a 2695 sq ft convenience store, 2,462 sq ft fast food restaurant, and a gas station on 2.85 acres northeast of Knabe Rd, south of Weirick Rd, and West of I-15.  Case Information 

Application:  CUP 03481 Tom's Farms Expansion Project.  A phased expansion of the existing Tom's Farms facility to include an 8,559 sq ft banquet bldg, 1,800 sq ft multi-purpose facility, 81,573 sq ft retail/commercial bldgs, 6,790 sq ft bakery with drive-thru, 12,844 sq ft greenhouse, 6,850 sq ft barn, 4,400 sq ft amusement park bldg, and a 8,198 sq ft water park.  Proposal includes 753 parking spaces and events being held throughout the year.  Tom's Farms is located on the east side of Temescal Canyon Rd, north of Squaw Mtn Rd.  Case Information

Application:  CZ 2000001 Tom's Farms Electronic Sign Proposal.  Would establish zoning locations, development and operation standards, and a permitting process to allow for onsite electronic signage to provide information about onsite associated businesses only.  This is a preliminary step to an actual application for a sign, and does not include a plot plan.  Case Information

PASSED BOS HEARING 5-0 ON 3-2-21:  CUP 190053 and DA 1900044  River ReLeaf, applicant.  Proposed cannabis micro-business within an existing 8,582 sq ft two story commercial building north of Ben Garrett Rd, south of Dawson Canyon Rd, east of I-15, and west of Temescal Canyon Rd.  Case Information  Presentation Given to Community August 27th, 2020

Application:  Revision to Surface Mine Permit 133, Variance 190005  RJ Noble Company, applicant.  Revision to an existing surface mine permit and reclamation plan includes 1) conversion of existing old asphalt plant to cold mix asphalt plant, 2) increase new hot mix asphalt plant production from 600,000 tons to maximum of 1.2 million tons per year, 3) permit an existing pre-manufactured office building, and 4) change permitted feed silos to feed bunkers on the mining plan, 5) Revise cut slope configuration on mine and reclamation plans to reflect as-built conditions, and 6) Importation of clean/inert soil.  Variance would allow 24 hour operations and reduce the setback for the asphalt plant from the west-adjacent property.  33.5 acres southerly of Temescal Canyon Rd, easterly of Cobb Drive, and westerly of Maitri Rd.  Case Information

Application:  SP 398, GPA 1185, CZ 1800004--Glen Ivy Hot Springs Resort Expansion.  Specific Plan creates 17 planning areas allowing for a mixture of 255 short-term and long-term residential units, a 165-room boutique hotel, new commercial uses including dining, spas, pools, fitness studios, meeting rooms, and open space on 82.5 acres.
 Case Information

Application: PAR #180036 7 Oaks--Gas station, car wash, convenience store, and two drive through restaurants on 20.24 acres on the southwest corner of Temescal Canyon Road and Dos Lagos Drive.
 Case Information

PASSED BOS HEARING SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2020:  Specific Plan No. 152, Amendment No. 5, Tentative Tract Map No. 37002, and Tentative Tract Map No. 32984--Horsethief Canyon Ranch.   Easterly of Glen Eden Road, westerly of Horsethief Canyon Road, southerly of De Palma Road, and northerly of Broken Bit Circle, amends a previous specific plan and tract map to build 239 homes on 45.27 acres, and removes a previously conditioned park from the plan.  Presented to TV MAC April 2018.   Case Information

Application:  Robertson's/Hubb's Quarry (south of Cajalco Rd, east of Dos Lagos Golf Course) Substantial Conformance Application RCL 118S3.  Objectives of this Application are 1) Installation and primary usage of reclaimed water on site, 2) Removal of most of the stationary equipment in the current pit area, 3) Installation of a load leveler rack at the base of the access road, 4) Include reclamation plan standards and detail for the entire site, which will include removal of paved access road and ensuring reclamation of all areas damaged by mining.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  7 acre Self-Storage with RV storage on Temescal Canyon Rd between Lake St and Hostetler:
 Ranch Self Storage (PP 26403 & Variance 1908)

Application:  Specific Plan 387, GPA 1030, "Lakeside" by Summit Land Partners seeks a master plan of 537 acres featuring residential, conservation, and open space with a maximum of 410 dwelling units surrounding Lee Lake, along the east side of Temescal Canyon Road. Currently working on significant environmental challenges with various habitat agencies.
 Case Information

Application:  Olsen Canyon Mine is a proposed aggregate/rock quarry on 422 acres east of the Temescal Canyon Wash, north of Dawson Canyon Road, and west of El Sobrante Landfill.  Currently working through significant environmental challenges with the various habitat agencies. Case Information

Approved 4-1 (Jeffries Voted No): June 5th, 2018 Board of Supervisors Hearingon GPA01203, CZ07913, TR37153, PP26209, aka "Temescal Village" condominium project, located along Temescal Canyon Rd at Campbell Ranch Rd.
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Warm Springs (CAC)

Application:  CUP 200043 Western States c/o Richard de la Fuente, applicant.  Proposal for a 4,000 sq ft convenience store with self-service gasoline sales (six pumps under a 3,160 sq ft canopy),  22 parking stalls, and two monument signs on 1.44 acres west of Hwy 74/Central Ave, northeast of Ardenwood Way, and south of Rosetta Canyon Drive.  Case Information  Color Images

Application:  CZ 2000009 CUP 200006  Karaki-Western States, applicant.  Small retail center with three buildings: a 4,050 sq ft convenience market with 1,440 sq ft of second floor mezzanine storage area, a 1,510 sq ft drive through restaurant with a 2,015 sq ft retail tenant, and a 3,025 sq ft multi-tenant retail building with a 1,400 sq ft second floor office space, and 62 parking spaces on a 2.57 acre lot north of Conard Ave, south of Ardenwood Way, east of 8th Street, and west of Hwy 74/Central Ave.  Zone change would go from C-P-S to Industrial Park (I-P).  Case Information  

Application:  PAR 200003 Empire Design Group, Inc., applicant.  Proposal for gas station with 3,922 sq ft convenience store, 4,089 sq ft canopy with 6 "multi-product dispensers", and a 1,000 sq ft car wash with 6 vacuum stalls, on 2.13 acres north of Wasson Cyn Rd, east of Peach St, west of Elm St, and south of Hwy 74.  Case Information

Application:  PP 190027  JJJ Hwy 74 LLC, Industrial park complex proposal with four industrial buildings, consisting of Bldg 1 (16,986 sq ft, with five warehouse suites), Bldg 2 (22,461 sq ft with six warehouse suites), Bldg 3 (20,394 sq ft with six warehouse suites), and Bldg 4 (5,512 sq ft with two warehouse suites, plus two offices and restrooms), plus 86 parking spaces on 4.31 acres north of Hwy 74, west of Crater Drive, east of El Toro Rd Cutoff, and south of Mermack Ave.   Case Information

Application::  PAR 190028 Helix Electric wishes to add a 137,500 sq ft industrial building on 14 acres to its existing business nort of Hwy 74, south of Nichols Rd, east of Haygood Way, and west of El Toro Cutoff and Mermack Ave.
 Case Information 

Passed BOS Hearing 1-26-21:  CUP 190006 America's Tire Co. 8,192 sq ft store and garage on 2.4 acres north of Cambern Ave, south of Conrad Ave, east of 10th St, and west of Hwy 74.
 Case Information

Application:  PP25342 Meadowbrook Zoning Area - 4.3 acre contractor's storage yard, SW corner of Nichols Rd and Crater Drive and Applicant: Louis Madden
 Case Information

Woodcrest (MAC)

Map of Approved Residential Tracts:  There are a number of residential tracts that have been approved in the Woodcrest area, the overwhelming majority of which were voted for prior to Supervisor Jeffries' taking office in 2013.  We asked TLMA to put together a map showing all of the current tract maps in this area as of Spring 2018, with built out tracts marked in green, partially built tracts in yellow, and mostly unbuilt tracts in red.  Each tract is listed with the tract or specific plan number, the year it was approved, and the number of units constructed out of the total number of units approved.
 You can view the map at this link here.

Application:  PAR 200047, Andy Bodewin, applicant.  Would revise previously approved Tentative Tract Maps 36639 and 31842 to cluster the 104 approved lots into 40 acres, and leave the remaining 113 acres as open space (including "table top" or "flat top" hill), reducing lot sizes from 1 acre minimum lots (and larger) into an average lot size of 16,900sf.  Located north of Nandina Ave, south of Mariposa Ave, esat of Washington St, and west of Porter Ave. Case Information

Application:  PAR 200042, Applicant: Phuong Mai Nguyen.  Proposes "Divine Mercy Retreat Center", consisting of a visitor center, gift shop, ritual purification hall, lodge/dormitory, dining facility, five multi-purpose gathering halls, chapel, three covered patios, and a large landscaped area on 45 acres north of Cajalco Rd, south of Scottsdale Rd, and east of Wyler Rd.  Case Information

Passed at Board of Supervisors Hearing October 6th:  GPA 1200 CZ 1700003 CUP 170002  Applicant: Irene Frakes   Proposes contractors storage yard with a two story garage and storage facility totaling 4,441 sq ft on 2 acres north of Krameria Ave, east of Porter Ave, south of Van Buren Ave, and west of Gardner Ave.  GPA changes land use from RC:VLDR to Community Development,: Light Industrial (CD:LI).  Zone change would go from R-A to Scenic Highway Commercial.  Case Information

Application:  PAR 200001 Applicant: William Shuman.  Proposes two drive-through restaurants with parking lots on 1.48 acres south of Van Buren Blvd, west of Washington St, north of Krameria Ave, and east of King Ave.  Case Information

Application:  TTM 37665  Dedicated Development, applicant.  "Schedule B" subdivision, within Specific Plan #264, of 48 acres of land into 36 lots, plus one remaining lot.  Lots would range from 1 acre to 2.87 acres in size, with the remaining lot consisting of drainage easements, gravity retaining wall, crib wall, and a concrete channel.  Case Information

Application: PP 180065 (PPA180065) Maggie Wang, applicant. To construct three (3) detached accessory structures, approximately 3,500 square feet each, totaling 10,500 square feet. The applicant has indicated that the accessory structures would be utilized as an aviary. The approximately two-acre project site is located north of Van Buren Boulevard and south of Orrick Avenue. The site has double frontage on Prairie Way along the west property line and Wood Road along the east property line. The site is currently improved with an existing 1,440 square foot mobilehome.  Case Information

Application:  GPA 190003, CZ 1900006, and TTM 37594  Applicant:  Thierry Nguyen  Subdivision of 3.57 acres into five residential lots ranging from 33,254 sq ft to 29,190 sq ft requires GPA from RC:VLDR to RC:LDR and CZ from A-1-1 to R-1-20,000.  Located north of Nandina Ave, south of Dallas Ave, east of Parsons Rd, and west of Venora Way.
 Case Information

Application:  PAR 190010--AM/PM Gas Station with canopy for 10 pump stations (20 pump positions), 3,800 sq ft convenience store, attached drive-thru carwash, and attached 1,200 sq ft retail tenant suite on 2.8 acres North of Van Buren Blvd, south of Iris Ave, east of Chicago Ave, and west of Little Court.
 Case Information
 Aerial Location Map

Application:   PP180002 Woodcrest - Drive through restaurant north of Van Buren, east of Gamble, and west of Chicago:  Applicant: Caputo Trust
 Case Information

Application:   PAR 180020 Lake Mathews/Woodcrest Area Plan--Self storage and enclosed RV storage on 4 acres north of Mockingbird Canyon, south of Van Buren, between Laurel Drive and Regency Ranch Rd - Lake Mathews Zoning District - Applicant: Robillard Consulting Company.
 Case Information

Final Permits Issued:  Toy Locker, Plot Plan #26198, 12.8 acres southerly of Krameria Ave between Washington St and King Ave.  Would renovate existing building on site to an indoor/outdoor RV and boat storage facility.
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