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Kevin’s Corner                                            January 2022 - Volume 10, Issue 1

Kevin's Corner

“Wall-Time” is a polite way to describe a serious problem for local ambulance providers (AMR and local fire departments). You call 911 with a medical emergency. You or a loved one is then transported by paramedics to an area hospital emergency room. Unfortunately, for numerous hospitals (but not all) in Riverside County, the emergency rooms can be extremely busy or understaffed (or both), causing significant delays (hours) for the patient to be admitted. Many of you are saying - so what’s new? The difference is that the paramedics/firefighters who transported the patient CANNOT leave for other emergencies until the patient is admitted by the hospital, thereby tying up the medics/firefighters and the  ambulance. When this starts happening at numerous hospitals across the region – the lockdown of the medic ambulances can cause very significant impacts at other pending 911 calls. In January, the Board of Supervisors will be taking this matter up and looking for solutions.         

Encroaching? It never fails! You are in a hurry (work, school, Dr appt, etc.) and the road ahead has been narrowed down to one lane and the traffic is at a dead stop. Did you know that (with just a few exceptions) any construction work within a  public road right-of-way requires an encroachment permit be issued from the local city or the county (for non-city owned roads), or if the work is being done on a state highway, a permit from Caltrans? For County owned roads, the County generally requires contractors to NOT close lanes during peak commuter hours (excepting emergency repairs of course). So, if you see a questionable lane closure during peak commuter hours, you might want to make a call to your local city hall or the County and suggest they check into it, as some contractors are better behaved than others.

Bulky Item Pick Up! In just about every city and in every unincorporated county community, most local trash haulers (who have a contract with the city or County) offer a free (or discounted) bulky item (mattress, refer, sofa, etc.) pickup for homeowners. In Riverside County’s unincorporated communities, the trash hauler will provide two bulky item pickups per year. You just need to call your trash provider.

My County Supervisor Is…?  With the completion of the mandatory redrawing of boundaries for the five County Supervisorial Districts, the bulk of the calls and emails to our office has been…. If not you – Who? And When?  The short version is the boundaries will begin changing at the end of 2022 and then again at the end of 2024. The best way to describe it is a “phased” handoff will occur with each election.

New District 1 will have all the city of Riverside, all the city of Perris, nearly half of the city of Jurupa Valley, and the unincorporated communities of Mead Valley, Good Hope, Meadowbrook, and Highgrove.  Note:  By the end of 2024, District 1 will no longer represent Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Canyon Lake, Lakeland Village, Temescal Valley, De Luz, La Cresta, El Cariso, Woodcrest, Lake Hills, Lake Mathews, or Gavilan Hills. An election for the new District 1 will not be held until 2024.

New District 2 will have all of Lake Elsinore City & Valley, Canyon Lake, Lakeland Village, El Cariso, Temescal Valley, Woodcrest, Lake Hills, Lake Mathews and Gavilan Hills. Voters in those communities (along with Corona, Norco, Eastvale, and a portion of Jurupa Valley) will be casting votes in June and (possibly) November 2022.  District 2 will no longer represent any of the city of Riverside or Highgrove.

New District 3 will pick up Wildomar, De Luz, and La Cresta from D1 at the end of 2024. They will join Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, French Valley, Winchester, Green Acres, Homeland, Wine Country, Sage, Anza, Aguanga, and East Hemet. D3 will no longer represent Hemet or San Jacinto. An election for new District 3 will not occur until 2024.

You can see the detailed maps of the whole county here:

The Legal Explanation:  When do I lose my current Supervisor?  Per our County Counsel:

“Although the supervisorial district boundary changes are considered adjusted once a plan proposal has been approved and the necessary implementing ordinance has been adopted, they do not go into effect   immediately. California Elections Code section 21506 states in pertinent part: “The term of office of any supervisor who has been elected and whose term of office has not expired shall not be affected by any change in the boundaries of the district from which the supervisor was elected. … The boundary adjustments to District 1 and District 3 will not take effect until the election that is held in 2024 (for elected supervisor taking office in January 2025), and District 2, 4 and 5 will not take effect until the election that is held in 2022 (for elected supervisor taking office in January 2023). As a result, during the elections held in 2022 and 2024, voters will vote according to the new adjusted boundary lines.”

WHO/WHAT/WHEN This will create some odd situations in the intervening two years, as some areas will have two Supervisors elected to their districts (like Woodcrest and Temescal Valley), and others, like the cities of Menifee and Perris, will technically have none. Historically, the Board of Supervisors has made agreements among themselves as to how to represent those communities that no longer have an elected Supervisor, sometimes formally (as when Supervisor Ashley became “caretaker” of the 4th District following the death of Supervisor Benoit), and sometimes informally. The Board will have to decide how best to do that by the end of next year, when we officially know who the Supervisors for the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Districts will be.  But to make a long story short, those of you who are currently represented by me, will generally be able to call upon me until I retire in late December 2024, though some of you will also be  represented by a second Supervisor as the transition occurs in 2022 and 2024.



Kevin Jeffries

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