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Kevin’s Corner                                             September 2021 - Volume 9, Issue 9


Too Many but Not Enough—A Modest Proposal.  39 million people residing in California. Freeways are jam-packed.  The electrical grid is at overload, and water restrictions (or even rationing) are likely heading our way. Housing prices are sky-high, and we don’t have enough new housing available or affordable for young families. So, I have concluded it’s time for our state government to intervene and…  pay residents to move OUT of the Golden State. Yep. I said it. Call me crazy, but something has got to give.  Our population is just too big to support in our State. Paying folks to leave will help free up housing, commuter traffic, classrooms, hospitals, electricity and water, etc, etc.  Sure, we’d be admitting defeat, but we can swallow our pride for 5 or 10 years until enough have packed up and given us a little breathing room. Starting bid… who will take $25k and not look back? Do I hear $30k?  Maybe the State can throw in a pair of matching suitcases to seal the deal!

Election Confidence.   Whichever partisan tribe (party) you belong to, you want to know that your vote has been properly counted, and that every election is conducted fairly, legally, and accurately.  Understanding how all that works, the laws, logistics and the massive undertaking is important in obtaining the trust and confidence of the voters.  I have been arguing that the County needs to develop a Citizens Committee on Election Integrity to help build that trust and confidence by including members of the public and political groups of all stripes in the process and discussing the policies and safeguards that are in place, and how they might be improved.

Our Registrar of Voters (ROV) has been described as a walking encyclopedia of election law who has a great team or core of professionals helping run the ROV.  But if the voters don’t trust the results or simply lack confidence or knowledge in the process, it’s all for naught.

Recently, the County Executive Team was directed by the full Board to return with a comprehensive proposal to engage, educate, and open lines of communications between the ROV and interested parties/citizens.

Blocked Trails?  Some of our County trails are legally dedicated, accepted, and maintained trails, and some are, well, borderline trespassing on private property. Some of these long-standing informal “trails” have reportedly been blocked by landowners, we suspect because they have had trouble with illegal dumping and/or off-road vehicles trespassing.  KABC7 recently did a story about the challenges (click here to watch: ). If you are aware of a blocked trail, please contact our office at 951-955-1010 with the exact location. We’ll work with the various county agencies to determine if it’s a legal and accepted trail that must be kept open, or if it’s a trail that well… trespasses across private property.

Fair Board Vacancy.  Do you love the old school charm of county fairs and want to help preserve and develop Riverside County’s own annual Date Festival (our official County Fair)? The First      District has an open seat on the Fair Board, which helps with the planning and organization of the fair and is now accepting applications from those with a love for 4H, crafts, carnivals and corn dogs.  It typically meets in Indio, but they have been meeting remotely over the past year. Please e-mail our office for more information.

New Staffer in the First District.  The only downside of hiring smart, hardworking people is that there is always the possibility they will be poached for a better job that pays more than a Board office can, and that has happened to us again, with Samantha Stilwell leaving us for greener pastures. To replace her, we have brought in Damian Fussel, who has years of experience working with state and local elected officials, as well as in the private sector.  He will be taking over Samantha’s responsibilities in the unincorporated communities of DeLuz, Gavilan Hills, La Cresta, Lake Mathews, Lakeland Village, Temescal Valley, Warm Springs, Woodcrest, and also working with the cities of Canyon Lake, Lake Elsinore, Riverside, and Wildomar.  If you have an issue with County services, his email address is  Hashish Winstead continues to represent our office in the other parts of our district, such as Mead Valley and Good Hope: 



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