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Welcome to the Development page for communities within the First District.

Listed below by community, you will find links to information (documents/maps/websites) which will provide details on projects within the First District. Our office will update this page as information is provided to us by our Planning Department via applicant submissions.


Good Hope & Meadowbrook (MAC)

 PP25342 Meadowbrook Zoning Area - Applicant: Louis Madden - Case Information


Mead Valley (MAC)

PAR170001 Mead Valley Area Plan - Applicant: Almex USA - Case Information
PP26173 Mead Valley Area Plan - North Perris Zoning Area - Applicant: Core5 Industrial Partners - Case Information
CUP 3775 Lake Mathews/Woodcrest Area Plan - Applicant: Cajalco Square, LP (Submittal 2) - Case Information


Lake Mathews & La Sierra Areas

PAR01555 Lake Mathews/Woodcrest Area Plan - Applicant: Sam Chebeir - PAR Application & Exhibit A


Lakeland Village (CAC)

Conditional Use Permit No. 3776 - Applicant: Rowland Development - Case Information

Lake Elsinore Advanced Pumping System (LEAPS)

UPDATED: 11/27/17 TLMA LEAPS Comment Letter


The Lake Elsinore Advanced Pumping System (LEAPS) being proposed by the Nevada Hydro Company includes two primary components: 1) The advanced pumping station, for which a dam would be built in the mountains above Lake Elsinore. At night, when energy costs are low, up to 10% of the volume of the lake would be pumped up the hill and into the reservoir, and during the day, when energy prices are high, the water would be released through a hydro-electric facility, generating power on its way back into the lake. That power would then be sold on the open market. 2) 32 miles of 500 kV transmission lines and 170 high-voltage steel towers, running from San Diego County across the Cleveland National Forest, into Temescal Valley, and through the RCA’s Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Areas.  Supervisor Jeffries and the Riverside County Board of Supervisors have officially sent a letter of opposition to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), who is solely responsible for ultimate approval or denial of the project, but they have decided to allow the project to move forward through the application process, and there is currently a public comment period open to request further studies on the project, which closes on December 1st.
The following information comes from, which has taken the lead on organizing local opposition to the project:
Requests for additional studies can be submitted to FERC via its eComment page on the website:
Follow the directions on the page. It’s best to prewrite your comments in a Word doc and then copy and paste into the eComment template. The docket number is P-14227. Begin your comments with:
Re: Lake Elsinore Advanced Pumped Storage Project 
Project No. P-14227-003
Comments also can be snail-mailed to:
The Honorable Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street NE
Washington, DC 20426
More information about the project and reasons for opposition are on their webpage here:


Temescal Valley (MAC)

Ranch Self Storage (PP 26403 & Variance 1908)
General Plan Amendment No. 01215 
Leroy Plaza (PP180006) - Case Information

Warm Springs (CAC)



Woodcrest (MAC)

Lake Mathews Square (approved in 2009)
PP180002 Woodcrest - Applicant: Caputo Trust - Case Information

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