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Kevin’s Corner                                                May 2020 - Volume 8, Issue 5

Virus Patients and Patience – Updates on the continuing impact of the Covid-19 virus  in Riverside County and the state’s rules can be found at the Riverside County Public Health website located at I receive a substantial amount of email each week asking me to lift or adjust various portions of the restrictions that have been imposed. This is mostly NOT something within the power of the Board of Supervisors in this county or in any of the 58 counties in California. Once the Governor issued his Executive Orders, no county (or city) can change the emergency health orders  of the Governor during a declared emergency.  On Tuesday our Board will be considering  a proposal to rescind ALL locally issued county health orders and reverting solely to the statewide orders issued by the Governor. Of course any individual can file legal challenges raising constitutional rights and guarantees, but as we’ve seen in a few cases to date, that’s  a tough case to win during a pandemic. On a side note, I had the pleasure of recently watching the HBO DVD series from 2008 titled “John Adams,” regarding  the formation of our Nation, the power of government, and the constitutional rights of the people. It hit on many of the very issues and concerns we are experiencing today.    


Virus vs. Budget – “Unprecedented” “Draconian” “Over the Cliff” “Worse than 9/11 & 2008 Combined” Those are just a few of the descriptions as to what state, county and city budgets could possibly look like over the next year or so. I personally believe it will be ugly.  But if the State of California can find a way to safely reopen our economy and jobs sooner rather than later, I believe that we MIGHT be surprised with how quickly most of the private sector will rebound and help prevent drastic cuts to all our county and city services. 


A New Animal Lover on Board!  The permanent Director position at Riverside County Animal Services has been vacant for a long time while we looked for the right  person. And it appears we have finally found the one!  Many of our local cities contract  with County Animal Services to provide them services, so having the right person at the top impacts a lot of communities.  I’m happy to welcome Julie Banks as our new Director  of Animal Services!  Julie has roughly 30 years of experience in this field, including serving with the Pasadena Humane Society (and many others). 


Do You Count?  How and where your federal dollars are spent depends a lot on  how many people occupy a particular community, city or county.  The boundaries of     congressional districts, state senate and state assembly districts also depend on those  numbers. Even the individual boundaries of city council wards, school boards, water board directors and County Supervisors depend on the population counts that come from  completing your Census questionnaire.  Unless you want to have more of your federal tax dollars shipped  to other states, or other parts of our own state, be sure to get counted. It only takes a few minutes to complete the online questionnaire here at:


Help Your Firefighters!  It has been delayed a few months, but fire season will likely arrive very soon  and with LOTS of fresh vegetation!  If you have tall grasses growing somewhere around your property, do yourself a favor, and do your local firefighters a favor and help them help you.  Break out that weed whacker and cut the weeds down before they turn brown!  Landscaping and maintenance services are considered “essential businesses” and are allowed under state orders, whether you do it personally or hire someone.


Thank you!  The March 3rd Election results were recently certified, and I just want to say THANK YOU for allowing me the honor to return and serve for 4 more years as your 1st District Supervisor. My staff and  I will continue to give you and our county 110%!  As always, please feel free to drop us a note with any suggestions or concerns you may have with County operations.          



Kevin Jeffries




Local District #1 Events

District #1 Staff, Local Business Owners and SEIU Help Out….

Recently, District 1 staff went out with local business owners and members of SEIU Local 2015 to pass out over 4000 masks to local Skilled Nursing Facilities and Behavioral Health locations within the City of Riverside. Huge “Thanks” go out to those members of Local 2015 as well as to the business owners who helped make this possible for those working at these locations.

Staff members came out to greet us and were beyond happy about the donations which are sorely needed in their daily work at these locations.



Clark Street Sidewalk Project Completed!

After several years of planning, land acquisition and waiting for grant funds from the State of California, the Clark Street sidewalk project has been completed. Residents and students can now walk safely from the Library to the Fire Station, Columbia Elementary or even to the Community Center.